Coats and Coolers

The Northerner™    This heavy winter coat features an outer shell of your choice of Polar Fleece®, fleece type, quilted cotton, or Cordura® (for water repelancy and outerwear durability). It is lined with a faux sherling. A collar folds back behind the neck to expose the shearling. The belts on the fleece and cotton shells are lined with the shearling and have a hook and loop closure. The Cordura shell has a web belt with a side release buckle. Rear darts contour the coat to the dog's body. Email for current fabric and color availability.

Canine Comforter™    Made of Polar Fleece® or fleece type fabric with an acrylic rib knit collar. A chest piece goes between front legs to keep chest and brisket warm. The belt is attached to this piece and closes with an easy to use side release buckle. A contrasting color is used for the belt, collar and edging. This coat is cut to fit the contours of the body.

Canine Cooler™    The perfect thing for hot weather especially for the show or working dog. Our wet-down blanket is constructed of heavy weight terry and is made generously enough to cover all major muscle groups and even has a collar that can be flipped up to cover a good portion of the dog's neck. It is belted underneath with an elastic belt and side release buckle. Guard against heat stroke. Just soak it down in cool water to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

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