Leads and Collars

A. & B. Martingale Leads - A wide collar, perfect for extra protection of the neck, especially for sight hounds or puppies (C). The extra width as well as the decorative trim adds that touch of style and class to your dog's appearance. The "all in one" collar and leash eliminates fumbling with buckles and snaps on an excited dog. Just slip it over the dog's head, push down the plastic slide ring, and you are ready to go!   Important martingale information.
C. Pup/Toy Martingale Lead - Same as above but in a narrower width for toy dogs and puppies.

D. Slip Lead - Our slip collar is specially designed for "slipping" a dog at the start of a lure course run or race meet. This is not a collar used for everyday walking or training.   How to hold a slip lead.

E. Snap Leash w/trim - The decorative trim on this leash sets it apart from all the rest. It is available in 1", 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2". The best color selection is in the 1" and 5/8" which are leasted on the color chart. Call for colors available in the 3/4" and 1/2". The decorative trim is designed to coordinate with the trims on our choke and buckle collars.

F. Snap Leash wo/trim - Same as above but without the decorative trim.

G. Choke Collar - This is a good collar to use when training a dog which needs more that a buckle collar, but not as much as a chain choke. The flat web of the collar is not as strong of a corrections as a chain because of it being a little wider, and the absence of the metal links but still gives you the added control and correction of a choke collar. The decorative trim adds style and can be coordinated with the trim on the snap leash above. This is not a collar to be left on a dog at all times, only when walking or training.

H. Buckle Collar - For those who must leave a collar on a dog for identification and vet records this is a good choice. The decorative trim sets the appearance of this collar apart from the rest and can be coordinated with the snap leashes above. The side release buckle is made out of a material used for the buckles of life jackets and skydiving equipment. This is a very strong buckle that won't pull apart when a dog hits the end of it's leash like those bought in discount stores.

Kennel Leads (not shown) - The Kennel lead is another quick "over the head and go" collar. It is another "all in one" collar and leash. This leash gives you the added control of a choke collar and a narrower width as opposed to the martingale style above. It is available with or without decorative trim.

Martingale Collars - Martingale collars are the same collars as used in the martingale leads but with a web loop in place of the leash that conntects the two end rings of the collar together. This loop has a "D" ring attached to it which allows the use of your own leash. The 1" wide collars have a slide on the collar which makes the collar size adjustable. The 2" wide collars are not adjustable and must be custom fit to each dog. For this custom fit, we need to know the measurement around the dog's skull at it's widest point (usually over the ears with the ears laid back).    Important martingale information.

Cool Collar (not shown) - This martingale style collar is designed to help cool down a working dog or any dog in hot weather. The collar is constructed of two layers of heavy weight terry with a thin water holding sponge inserted between the two layers. The attached leash is of strong nylon web. When soaked in cool water and placed on a dog's neck this collar lays over the main arteries in the neck cooling the circulating blood and thus the dog. Because of the layering of terry and sponge the effects of evaporation continues to cool the dog even after the water itself has come to body temperature. Its stylish colors make it a "cool" collar to help beat the heat.

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