Medium Trim

For puppy/toy, buckle, and 1" and wider choke collars
(Not for use with 5/8" choke collars)

ER2965-5 ER2965-7 ER2965-8 ER2965-9 ER3000-5 ER3000-6 ER3000-7
GY096-1 H3045-9 H3045-12 H4183-1 H4183-3 H4194-2 H5118-5
H5118-6 H6124-1 H6126-1 H6151-2 H6151-4 H8900-2 H8900-4
I2006-1 I2006-2 I2006-3 I2006-4 I2006-5 I2006-6
IY045-1 IY090-1 IY136-1 O5711-4 W7047-1

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